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Holistic Remedy for Intestinal Blockage in a Dog | Cuteness.com

Intestinal blockages in dogs usually occur as a result of a dog swallowing something other than food.

You think you have it bad! Here's some reasons the Irish aren't so lucky.

As highly social animals, dogs form bonds with the animals and humans they spend their lives with.

How To Take Your Pet's Temperature

If you suspect your pet is sick, it definitely comes in handy if you know how to take your furkid's temperature, as this will be valuable information to have when you call your vet.

Why Does My Puppy Hate to Be Held?

Just like babies, puppies are cute and cuddly, and touching and holding them is often hard to resist.

Training Multiple Puppies at the Same Time

Training one puppy is a challenging endeavor that requires patience, consistency and more than a few dog treats.

Do u have a heart like a dog?

What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs-Looks just like my grandson's border collie,Tinny, whom we are babysitting this week.

Dog Body Language

Instead of words, dogs use their bodies to explain how they're feeling as well as provide insight into what's going on in their heads.

20 Hidden Thoughts All Dog People Have

20 Hidden Thoughts All Dog People Have

Is Raw Dough Dangerous to Animals?

What may seem like a harmless snack of bread or cookie dough can turn into a painful and expensive stay at the veterinarian for an animal.