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Adorable placemat for kids!
~  The dice decides which chore you get.
Toy Ransom Box... for all those toys left out after youve asked them to put them away.  Kids take a chore to do to pay for the toys release.  Chores range from washing a mirror to 20 jumping jacks while singing I am a clean machine! LOL! =)
Top 10 Books. I was just telling Logan the other day, as soon as we find out we are expecting (in far future) I want to start buying kids books! Such am important thing to have!
Back and forth journals for Mom and kids. I really love this idea for kids who keep their feelings inside.
genius idea if bringing kids to fairs/parades/amusement parks... write your phone # on child's hand and cover it in liquid bandage... temp tattoo that won't come off in water! by fionahluigi
The average infant begins the teething process around the age of six months. Most often it is the two bottom front teeth (lower central incisors) which appear first, followed by the two top front teeth (upper central incisors). It commonly takes up to three years for a child to develop all twenty baby teeth.   http://www.topdentist-ny.com/baby-teeth-teething
Free Printable  //  Chore sticks to put in a jar, they are color-coded by room!
Ways for Kids To Earn Money Around the House. I especially love that these cards have step-by-step directions for the kids!