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"hufflepuffs are unintelligent: *shoves helga hufflepuff in your face* (i mean she put her common room by the kitchens. that's the epitome of smart.)" <<<<< yasss and I want to add that I am a very polite hufflepuff and proud

I'm a Slytherin myself, my brother and sister are Gryffindor and my mother is Hufflepuff. She tried to cheat on her test to see if she could land elsewhere but that doesn't count xD

Personally I do get a bit irritated how everyone always emphasizes how ravenclaws the nerd house and how we only care about books and reading and school. We can be fun too! Me as a ravenclaw I think we are a bit more fun than u make us out to be

harry potter - charlie weasley

harry potter - charlie weasley<<<>>> Charlie Weasley was AroAce and really liked dragons and everybody was super chill with it

Starting with this section by yearly stats.

I think the D section is big. Like in Deathly Hallows business. Or Draco business

Don't feel bad, Pads, he still loves you

so for no reason i picture Remus and Sirius starting to sing, as Timone and Pumba, 'can you feel the love tonight' from The Lion King, and I am dying from laughter

harry potter - narcissa malfoy

Narcissa Malfoy, ladies and gentlemen: the supreme occlumens. And alot of people on internet think that Draco is a bad boy with good heart THRUST ME IT IS HIS MOTHER.

Hagrid was the best mentor for Harry and nothing anyone can say will make that untrue

Hagrid was the best mentor for Harry and nothing anyone can say will make that untrue

No, Blaise, what he needs is Harry... ;D

Tho I don't even ship Drarry, (I find it's a weird concept, tho I'm not against homosexuals , I don't really see the romance throughout the books) this is still funny

hufflepuff funny - Google Search

Seriously, stop with the Hufflepuff stereotypes. Actually, stop with ALL house stereotypes.

Haha I can see this!

Someone outsmarted Hermione !and that was Draco of course.this proves why they are perfectly compatible for each other! for life!