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Amor elefantino

I find a certain joy in each image I post and i certainly have no limits as to which way my whim pulls me. Peace and Love, Lu

Elephants in Color | Elephant Ear Inspiration @Samantha Greene this has you written all over it!


Do you fancy having an elephant at your wedding ceremony? Wedding Decorated and Painted Elephant.

♂ boy and elephant man and nature

Pick: Cute Elephant Cuddle Of The Day

Ummm this is my dream come true! The love between Elephant and a boy. Elephant are very intelligent and sentimental animals with amazing memories.

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OMG She is soooooooo beautiful! but why does she need to be in a Zoo? from source>"Our princess arrives (by Official San Diego Zoo)"

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I hope that photographer is using a powerful telephoto lense! (Asian Elephant's ears are significantly smaller than African Elephants.