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This article from International Business Times combines text and video to explain some of the ways that the United States has changed since the 9/11 attacks, including increased airport security and the domestic spying introduced by the Patriot Act, among other things. Students can discuss how these changes have affected their own lives and what other changes they may have noticed.

The Tribute in Lights shines on the skyline of lower Manhattan in New York, September 2006 - Gary Hershorn

9/11 Lesson Plans - *common core alignment may be mentioned, so just bypass that, and use the ideas for teaching about 9/11 if you find any of them to be valuable.

Lesson Plan Ideas - September Roses Lesson Small Moments in the History of the World Trade Center.

The loss was overwhelming. The heroism was priceless. The memories will live on forever...I will NEVER forget.

GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Unforgettable Images Of The 9/11 Attacks

Unforgettable Images Unforgettable Images In this Sept. 2001 file photo, United Airlines Flight 175 approaches the south tower of the World Trade Center in New York shortly before collision as smoke billows from the north tower.NEVER FORGET

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Is the United Nations a failure or success? Why?

Is the United Nations a failure or success?

Reactions to PISA scores

Chinese schools do not fail students. Lowest grade a kid can get is a If they get lower, they keep taking the same test until they pass it, then that score is recorded.

How Racism on College Campuses—From Microaggresssions to Limited Diversity—Affects Black Students' Mental Health - The Atlantic

When Black Students Have to Balance Academia and Racism

The energy required to manage academic stress, social pressure, and everyday racism can be overwhelming.