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Arguing like a couple of married lovers


As alike as Karai and Leo are, I can definitely see this happening. She grew up only knowing war, after all.

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Read Dark Leo 😍😱😘😚💙💋🐢 from the story Memes & Fotos TMNT by (Shira Mateo Hamato Noir with 172 reads.

Love that Raph is breaking into the theater while Leo is busy. And April and Donnie :)

For IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated issue Lines by Chad Tho.

At first I was like AWWWW!! Then at the end I was like you go Donnie!!!!!!!! Pore Leo /:


Well, technically, Leo and Karai aren't related. She's the biological daughter of his adopted after, yes, but she was raised by her uncle. And he's a turtle.

April and Donatello, Karai/Miwa and Leonardo, Renet and Michelangelo, Mona Lisa and Raphael (This is PERFECT! XD)

TMNT 2012 officially has a love interest for each turtle! Congrats for RaphxMonaLisa Get ready for a romance filled OTP week (Monday- AprilxDonnie, Tuesday- LeoxKarai, Wednesday- MikeyxRenet, Thursday- RaphxMonaLisa, Friday- All 4 ships!

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Omg i'm in my humandrawmodus I love karai/miwa and i love leorai too. Leo shure think that she look like a angle [well i think that] xD What's wrong Leo

Leo And Baby Miwa!!! I Bet Leo Is Going To Be A Good Dad When He Finds The Right Turtle

tmnt 2012 tale of the yokai - I nearly fell of my bed because of the amount off fangirling I did ^-^ squeeeeeeeeeee- look at Raphs face XD Leo is holding little Miwa in his arms & little Miwa is pulling & tugging onto Leo's bandana tails.

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Shinigami is a mystical Ninja and an old friend of Karai's from Japan.

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Leonardo, Karai (c) Teenage mutant ninja turtles hands have minds of there own