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My french basset.

My french basset.


In pictures: Hounds in hats

Hungerian Vizsla... the velcro dog!

If you have a Vizsla, this is your bathroom break. these are the sweetest, most obedient and loyal dogs ever

Yeap, that's one vicious dog right there.  LOL

Modified Police Respond to Vicious Dog in Baltimore City. The dog was so vicious he licked the officer to death. :) The officer responded to a "dangerous pit bull" situation and came home with his new best friend.

Urgent: Pls vote for my buddy It is down to the wire. All you need to do is click.

Cute Vizsla pictured, but my weimaraners don't do cold, wet or hot weather! They are slightly spoiled, one showed the others she hated getting wet so none of the others will get wet either!

Isn't that the truth!!

Isn't that the truth! I thought mine were the only ones that had selective hearing🐾


Pit Bull beauty 'just chillin in the back of my ride yo'

Bazen dusunurumde kemikler nerden gelir

Shy Magyar Vizsla - She wasn't really shy, though. But one of my favourite models, so expressive, so cute, so eager to please. Wonderful character All my pictures here can be licensed or bought as prints


Weimaraner born to run. bread to hunt big game like bears. called the dog with the human brain. keen sense of smell.

Vizsla. One of my favourites.  Every Vizsla I have met has had a lovely, energetic nature

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If I had a dollar for every time dear Bud pulled this on me... ;)

If I had a dollar for every time dear Bud pulled this on me.