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gerard and bandit way - Google Search

when a person says this you hire him no questions asked.

"Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back" - Google Search

Now is Gerard going to protect Bandit from Mikey? What would happen if they both stayed home alone. Would they just hang out and talk about how Gerard never lets them do anything?

Image result for gee way memes

Image result for gee way memes

He never ages and currently looks like a blonde sixteen year old

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way. Look at the school photo, so smooth. But he sill looks hot in them all<<< he was 13 in the school photo

If someone ever said "Harry Styles is hotter than Gerard" I would kill them that instant.

My Chemical Romance XD Harry Styles will never be a hot as Gerard Way like seriously, sorry but no. Saying Harry is hotter than Gerard is like saying that celery tastes nicer than chocolate! IT'S JUST NOT A THING!