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Шесть лет жизни с волками

Jim and Jamie Dutcher stop in Santa Monica on their campaign to make peace with the wild By Bliss Bowen Who among us hasn’t heard nursery rhymes and jokes about “the big bad wolf” from the time our…


witchedways: “sisterofthewolves: “Picture by Tim Fitzharris A stunningly beautiful mexican gray wolf (Canis lupus baileyi).

"If we wonder often, the gift  of knowledge will come."

Beautiful wolf reflections in the almost frozen lake, resting his chin on the snow as he watches the photographer.

Winter is upon the forest. It will be a struggle for every creature, including the Wolf.

Wolves are one of my favorite animals so I really want to be able to pet one before I die !Wolves are amazing creatures, they are the reason we now have dogs as pets. Native Americans had wolves as pets!