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A Moment of Truth for Presidential Debate Moderators (via Pocket)

We provide teachers with several ways to use the presidential debates as an effective tool for teaching and learning.

A Rock And A Hard Place

A Rock And A Hard Place

Apply now to join the White House hackathon. The team behind We the People is looking for a few good coders to provide feedback and ideas around their new Petitions API (Image credit: REUTERS/Larry Downing)

Rap 2 Learn: US History: Causes of the American Revolution

Overview of the executive branch. 15 Slide powerpoint and 4 page cloze notes sheet. Great for many grades and ages. You also can purchase THREE BR.

Yale’s Halloween Advice Stokes a Racially Charged Debate - NYTimes.com

Yale’s Halloween Advice Stokes a Racially Charged Debate

Racial tension escalated over whether the administration was sensitive enough to concerns about Halloween costumes that could be seen as culturally offensive.

History Brief: American Revolution, the Two Sides - YouTube

In this episode of History Brief, the advantages and disadvantages of the Patriots and Redcoats during the American Revolution are discussed.

Cute book to introduce the Revolutionary War.  There's a video too narrated by James Earl Jones...  nicely done.

John, Paul, George & Ben by Lane Smith is a fabulously fun historical fiction picture book that Kindergarten through graders will .

Marco Rubio Launches His First Presidential Television Ad

Marco Rubio Launches His First Presidential Television Ad

Each project will have a and It's a great way to use contemporary social media in the classroom!

Social Studies Worksheet: American Revolution Acts and Laws - Free Printable:

America's Lands, Laws, & Liberties -Social Studies Worksheet: American Revolution Acts and Laws - Free Printable

SOLutions: What work did the colonists do?

This worksheet helps students see the three regions of colonies as well as what the regions we're known for. Very beneficial in explaining economic activities and settlement patterns

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“Only calls so far today! Let's get calling. Many weren't voting because they thought he couldn't win

Makr Shakr

Makr Shakr, the world’s first robotic bartending system, debuted on on November on Royal Caribbean’s new “smart cruise ship” Quantum of the Seas.

The TRUMP Report - Ron Paul Says Cruz 'Owned' By Big Banks

Ron Paul: Ted Cruz is no libertarian: He seemed more attracted to the views of Vermont Sen.

WHY DO WE VOTE ON TUESDAY?  ~ In the midst of an ongoing debate over the flaw of voter suppression in our democracy, one overarching question has been growing in my mind. Why do we hold our elections on a Tuesday? I had no idea, and as I began to do some research, I found that no one else really does either.  The official reason behind the 19th century law has to do with the trip that voters had to make to polls by horse and carriage . . .

“They don’t want you to vote. If they did, we wouldn’t vote on a Tuesday. In November. You ever throw a party on a Tuesday? No. Because nobody would come.” – Chris Rock

Since Americans have been voting on Tuesdays -- but why? In this humorous talk, Jacob Soboroff shares the history of Election Day and shows how voting on a Tuesday affects voter turnout.