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I read them! But I start about 5 of them at a time, and then fail to return to some of them.  Or I misplace them. Or I forget if I have already read them.  But I do preorder them so that I have them right when they are published! LOL

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Just some Epic condoms #funny ⚠WARNING ⚠ @Kaezzi Pins are ALWAYS poppin. Follow for more✨ @Kaezzi

Just some Epic condoms...

"Just some Epic condoms. here I go,rock wit me,here comes the Boom,fun fun. Not that we'll be needing these

I do this all the time!

You Know You're A History Fan When: You walk past a field and wonder what happened there in the past 200 years. This goes for house, buildings, people, streets etc.

15 Dirty Pick Up Lines That Are So Naughty But Work

15 Dirty Pick Up Lines That Are So Naughty But Work

Maybe the full time workers should seek a better paying job. Burgers can't be flipped without employees. McDonald's would then have to raise their rate of pay to attract employees.

this is just ridiculous. i almost died. these are so stupid but so so hilarious:

Tickld Mobile - 20 Jokes That Are So Stupid They Are Actually Funny. Number 7 Is Priceless. OMG yes i love dumb jokes.


Random Facts-- oh great! Here's to being too easily distracted!oh look a squirrel!

Sorry for the potty mouth word but it would be nice if what people say came with a soundtrack.  Then we might be able to discern their true feelings.

I wish my life had background music so I that I could understand what the hell was going on. That's life.

Up at 'em today! Healthy breakfast for the fam then a workout before work lol. Shoulders, bi's and tri's today. Ready to feel the burn! My arms are looking ahhhhmazing!

Job & Work quote & saying Your little ray of sarcastic sunshine has arrived! The quote Description Your little ray of sarcastic sunshine has arrived!