Dollhouses by Robin Carey: The Sea Glass Victorian Cottage Dollhouse

The Sea Glass Victorian Cottage Dollhouse This is the Sea Glass Cottage Dollhouse. My vision for this house was a wonderful light, .

Humpty Dumpty House is a delightful site owned by the French miniaturist Dominique. Her skill in creating miniature items - I especially like her shoes – is amazing. Dominique's taste in dollhouses goes from the traditional, the Victorian Maison Garfield to the bizarre Voodoo Boat, with the Harry Potter Asimuthed Dragons in between. The machine translation from French to English may be a bit clunky. The photography is not. And be sure to check out Dominique’s Tips and Miniatures.

Humpty Dumpty House - Harry Potter Dragons, a Victorian Maison Garfield with a bizarre Voodoo Boat and Harry Potter Asimuthed Dragons.

La Casa Riba

Quilt Shop - Simply Patchwork: No os perdáis esta entrada! (Click through to see the wonderful interior detail.