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How to make your own smartphone projector…

This would be cool to set up a backyard movie theater. How-To: 5 buck Mobile Phone Projector. Neat low-tech tutorial on how to make a projector for your mobile phone using a shoebox, a paperclip, and a magnifying glass. MacGyver would be proud.

How to make your own smartphone projector... - The Meta Picture

How to make your own smartphone projector…

Funny pictures about How to make your own smartphone projector. Oh, and cool pics about How to make your own smartphone projector. Also, How to make your own smartphone projector.

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, you’re seriously missing out. Pinterest gives every collegiette™ amazing D.I.Y crafts to turn your dorm or apartment from drab to fab. It also has some great pointers for spicing up your wardrobe. The D.I.Y section is easy, fun, and makes for great gifts you can craft for your friends’ birthdays on a starving college student’s budget. Here are some of HCIU’s favorites.

HCIU's Favorite D.I.Y Crafts From Pinterest

Magnetic strip inside medicine cabinet to hold bobby pins. Maybe now I'll stop fining them all over the house.

No need to buy an extra TV for a new room. add a magnifying glass to a shoe box, place you phone inside aligned with the glass, and there you have it!

MacGyver a smartphone projector out of a shoebox and magnifying glass. Doing this as soon as I get a magnifying glass

diy smartphone projector...perfect for my dorm room!

Make a Smartphone Projector

Using everyday household objects, craft this crazy cool smartphone projector! Amazing for a movie night with your friends!

Make your own projector using a shoe box, duct tape, magnifying glass, and your smart phone! Thats crazy!! Might have to try this Backyard movie.

Make your own projector using a shoe box, duct tape, magnifying glass, and your smart phone! That's crazy! A projector would be nice.If I made this and used it during an observation either I could save us a lot of money or get my own projector.

THIS IS SO TRUE. College Living: Expectation Vs Reality

College Living: Expectations Vs. Reality

DIY: Brilliant....how to make a projection box....great for painting murals or transfering stencils to furniture

Paint a Mural in a Child's Nursery

Make your own DIY overhead projector for tracing wall murals. Make a makeshift projector using a box, a lamp and some tape. Project the transparency onto the wall. Use a light bulb without the "frosting" on the inside for a clearer picture.


Turn your smartphone into a DIY Photo Projector with a shoe box and a magnifying glass!

I have lived in a small bedroom before, and I know how tough it can be to decorate such a room without going too over the top. These curtains also separate the bed from the rest of the room, gives it a nice cosy feel :)

Photo Diary: 5 Things You Never Knew About Fashion Week

Cottage Master Bedroom Love the tile. Interior Design cute diy dorm room decor ideas Nancy-Hill-Blue-Dining Interior Design by Nancy Hill.

Emergency kit - everyone should have one in her purse!

Kit to have stashed away filled with things that are smart to have on hand. Toss into a cosmetic case, and throw into your tote bag. So smart for traveling.

Are you needing dorm decor ideas? Today we are sharing 18 dorm decor ideas just for you! There is some Organization, Decor, tips, and tricks!

18 Dorm Decor ideas


Book art - The patience this man must have! These incredible works are the art of Issac G. Salazar, available on etsy.

Get the tutorial at Fellow Fellow.

37 Ways To Have A Dorm Room The Whole Floor Will Be Jealous Of

Washi+Tape+Wall+Decor For The Love of Washi Tape! Washi Tape Home Decor Ideas