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I love the 5sos fam<I would participate in this so hard man.

that actually isnt what happened. michael was like "we need to have a big talk" and this one gal flipped him off and then he's like "hey dont give us the finger." and then everyone else had their fingers up. lol it was some funny shit xD

I dont think this would be fair some of u guys would have to be with us otherwise we would sooo lose but if we did 5sos fam vs. Directioners it might work..... anyway thx for the idea :-D

Yes please.oh my gosh what if they just like went around to like every state always carrying a nerf gun so whenever you see them you'd go straight to the battle.

Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings. Are too beautiful

Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer -- See More of the Most Fabulous Celeb Selfies from the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

This is so cute. It just make me love him that much more if it's even possible<<<<I'm crying and I want to talk to them or at least get them to talk to me, I'm just sad 'cause I know I'll never meet them

this is the cutest thing<< the annoying thing is that the body guards think they own them// he's just trying to keep them from getting hurt, but he could've let Michael go say thank you.