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Amazon.com: Zombie Black and White Stripe Socks By Gumball Poodle: Clothing

Dysfunctional Doll Zombie Black and White Stripe Socks By Gumball Poodle : Knee Highs

Cerulean Cephalopod Over-the-Knee Socks at ShopPlasticland.com

Cerulean Cephalopod Over-the-Knee Socks by Sourpuss Clothing, Socks, Black,Blue

Skeleton Over Knee Socks

bones are a great if you are a skeleton for halloween. be a cute skeleton next year and wear skeleton socks!

Spotted Electropus Over-the-Knee Socks

Spotted Electropus Over-the-Knee Socks

Tattooed To The Knee Socks at ShopPlasticland.com

Tattooed To The Knee Socks from Plasticland. Not helping my knee high sock addiction.

Betsey Johnson Warm, Fuzzy Feelings Socks in Red, #ModCloth

Let's Ketchup Soon Socks

Betsey Johnson Warm Fuzzy Feelings Socks in Red: Want to slip into a feel-good day? These red over-the-knee socks fromBetsey Johnson combine all the lovable details you crave – fuzzy red hearts playful ruffle…

I was wondering why I had this website saved in my bookmarks only to be followed by an "ooo" upon loading it.

Couldn't decide if these should go in clothing or nerd. X-ray bones knee socks

Shark Bite Socks

Shark Bite Socks

Shark Bite Trouser Socks, kind of think Terry might need these :)