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Avenue of Light - This is incredible! http://www.enlightermagazine.com/projects/avenue-light-cliff-garten-studio

* Project: Avenue of Light, Fort Worth, TX, USA. (Architecture, landscape and engineering Cliff Garten Studio)

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The Avenue of Light, created by Cliff Garten Studio of Los Angeles, located in the City of Fort Worth.

The tallest bridge in the world is the Millau Bridge in France. This stunning cable stayed vehicular bridge has one mast reaching a height of 1,125ft. The bridge crosses the valley of the river Tarn near Millau and on cloudy days the bridge appears to almost float on the clouds. It was designed by the English architect Lord Norman Foster, cost £272 million and was entirely privately financed. French President Jacques Chirac called the bridge ‘a miracle of equilibrium’.

The highest, tallest, longest and oldest bridges in the world

Millau Bridge in southern France ~ 'Le Viaduc de Millau' ~ cable-stayed bridge, crosses Valley of the River Tarn ~ "the tallest bridge in the world with one mast's summit at 343 m. ft) above the base. (and) the highest bridge deck in the world"

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Unitarian Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Originally built in the style is referred to as English Perpendicular Gothic Revival. That ceiling!

The 340 meter long Skypark, sitting 60 stories high on three Marina Bay Sands Singapore hotel towers. The rooftop strip is regarded as one of the world’s largest cantilevers.

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Marina Bay Sands Resort Hotel, Singapore That structure at the top even includes a infinity pool. Visited but didn't get to go up top.

BMW Museum Munchen

Scifi Movie Locations in the Real World

I will live here someday! BMW headquarters - Munich - Germany - BMW Headquarters is a Munich landmark, which has been serving as world headquarters for the Bavarian automaker BMW for almost 40 years. It was declared a protected historic building in