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Thanh Thai, Emperor of Vietnam
Portrait of Yi Je-hyeon (1287-1367), a Goryeo period scholar, National Museum of Korea.
Khai Dinh, Emperor of Vietnam in uniform
Vua Khải Định - Sa Majesté Khai Dinh, Empereur d'Annam - 1919    The Emperor of Annam, Vietnam. As the Son of Heaven, the emperor is dressed in his ritual robes and holds in his hands the sacred "rule," a tablet of wood. Illustration from a 1922 book.--- Image by © The Print Collector/Corbis
保大皇帝 坐像 - Bảo Đại - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Emperor Khải Định, Vietnam
Emperor Khai Dinh (1885-1925), 12th Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, Annam, Vietnam Postcards, Greetings Cards, Art Prints, Canvas, Framed Pictures, T-shirts & Wall Art by Anonymous
Emperor of Annam Khai Dihn
1907: the child Emperor Duy Tan and his court.