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Poke ball

Pokeball with the original Pokemon. Pretty awesome, can you spot 'em all?

Por Solidbox

Por Solidbox

Original 150 Pokémon

What happened when a gamer girl asked her non-gamer boyfriend to name all the original 150 Poke'mon.

Part 1: http://pokemonmeme.com/image/297/mimikyu-variants-part-1

-(response to dresses) *whole face brightens* Michael! Of course you can! *wraps arms around* *smiles* Oh, goodness, was that what it was? Of course you can! I'm so happy right now! That you told me! Why are you so happy?

Dragonair 5 x 7 print pokemon drawing art by RockyHammerEtsy

Dragonair - 5 x 7" print (pokemon drawing, art, artwork, gaming, nintendo, decor)

Title: Dragonair - print Artist: RockyHammerEtsy More of his artwork can be found on Etsy.