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They talk. You just have to speak their language.

So much love said and not a single word needed! All this beautiful lab needs is some green eyes and he would look just like my sweet riley! I miss you riley!

Golden Cocker Retriever with chocolate fur.

golden cocker retriever full grown, always looks like a puppy.anyone have a cocker spaniel I can breed my golden retriever with ?

So cute! :)

Why can't I get my dogs to pose like this?oh a goldie on a swing weeeee!cudnt u just kiss this puppy all over awwww!

Airedale Terrier Dog Lovers: Basics of Airedale-Terrier Training

Basics of Airedale-Terrier Training It's essential for Airedale-Terrier parents like you to know certain basic factors that determine your.

miniature australian shepherd

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

this seriously made my whole day

can we getz ... ... a bigger swimmy pool?

yes i will get you a bigger swimmy pool because you are cute and sad looking. -Diablo neeeeeds a swimmy pool!

Loving the sunshine

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