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just had to throw that up

The force is strong with this mother fucker - Jokes, Memes & Pictures

Hmmmm... The problem with this particular example, is that the boy is closer to the centre, looking directly at the viewer and posing. It would be interesting to try this with a more neutral layout.

That awkward moment when your a female named Alex and you still thought it was the boy.

I like to think I'm in an argument with someone completely ignorant to the subject, yet thinks they know everything.

This isnt how I was taught to write persuasive papers but the argument side is A+

So...pretty...can't stop...scrolling...

Do You love the color of the Sky? Coolest pin ever I love the color of sky!

---------------------------------------- For more dank memes to satisfy your dank needs, follow @HeroofSkyloft

---------------------------------------- For more dank memes to satisfy your dank needs, follow @HeroofSkyloft

Yup this is it, welcome to tumblr everybody.

unrequested personal story that vaguely relates to the post in question

12 camping quotes love awesome ideas

12 camping quotes love awesome ideas

"Carpe that fucking diem."  Get your day started right with a little reminder to go out there and seize the day.

Limited Edition Coffee Tee - 7 Days Only

Ashley Johnson im going to get you this for xmas because it seems like something that would make you happy :) haha Coffee Mug Carpe that fucking diem. by SweatyWisdom on Etsy