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AUBURN TOOMERS CORNER handstamped necklace

AUBURN TOOMERS CORNER handstamped necklace

Saying 'oh, bless her heart' is the same as saying, 'oh DEAR GOD, this girl doesn't stand a chance,' in southern.

Here are some funny friendship quotes that I came across, which I had to share. Enjoy these funny quotes about friendships with me.

My boys are learning early, you're welcome future girlfriends and wives. (hopefully one wife for each not plural)

I can't stop laughing! This is very accurate. At least for me. Like on point accurate Hahahahaha!

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Funny College Ecard: We will never, ever, ever get our shit together.


Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: If by 'Let's agree to disagree,' you really mean: 'Let's each continue to think the other person is a fucking idiot,' then, yeah, sure.