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1990. 2015. Sad but true.

Somewhere between kites and selfie sticks, we screwed up.In a kid would fly a kite. In they would rather take selfies with a selfie stick. Things have really changed.

It's amazing what people on gov't assistance can afford...and how many people misuse the programs...

Someday, I hope to be able to afford a new iPhone.like the girl in front of me with the food stamps. i guess if i didnt have to pay for food, i can afford an Iphone

He was right all along…

He was right all along…

Einstein nailed it. I hate how people are constantly on their phones. When I had a phone I hated it, and without a phone I hate it. ENJOY YOUR LIFE PEOPLE!

Truth. Truth.  Absolute. Truth. The different types of Facebook users. The truth about people on Facebook......

Types of Facebookers

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