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Up until now we knew a little about the main characters and even less about the supporting ones, so jump in and learn all about your soon-to-be-favorite Disney film, Moana!

Princess Moana's family revealed in new Moana character images


And people call us serial killers. They have no idea why witches like us do it

This is hilarious and all, but that person misspelled "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and that bothers me.

My school has some good humor

I AM.wishing my school would do something like this so I could copy these kids responses because i love them with all my heart<<< I'd put I am The Doctor

Awkward Ad Placements!

Awkward Ad Placements (Gayle - I'm pretty sure the one with the door handle was intentional.and hilarious)

Hahaha, so true. Especially the snow-people one, I made many that looked like this with minimal snow as a kid in OK...

Funny pictures about Holiday Expectations vs. Oh, and cool pics about Holiday Expectations vs. Also, Holiday Expectations vs.

18 Times Parents Were Savage AF

18 Times Parents Were Savage AF

18 Times Parents Were Savage AF. I hope to make a list like this someday. I'm not having any shit from my kids 😂

But I'll never forget the sequel of Pocahontas... GURL U SERIOUS??!

Flynn and prince Neveen are the best for me How Disney Gentlemen Say "I Love You" <<< I love Disney princes

The award for coolest set of names

The award for coolest set of names to give your children goes to. Sue Rebel Wilson just got even better