It's true! Ever since I started watching anime my expectations for a "cute" boy in real life went WAY up!!!!

Anime crushes are the best out of all fictional crushes. Sebastian Michaelis is one of my fictional crushes FO SHO

maybe ciel wants to be the very best that no one ever was. (well I mean no shit).

"Why does this kid steal all the good men" "He collects them all" anime manga funny Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Grell Sutcliff Ciel Phantomhive Pokemon reference

Boyfriend Hot Like him. (anime: Black Butler)

Black butler characters belong to yana toboso, not me. how thinks am hot -sebastian SEXY Sebastian-Michaelis

Black Butler Funny Quotes. QuotesGram

Black Butler/OHSHC -- Well… Kyōya and Sebastian Are both voiced by the same voice actor.

Grell Sutcliff pffffffft hahahahhaa he was impossible

Just started watching black butler and already consider Grell my favorite character on the show, Anyone who has watched would know why Grell Sutcliffe

Stuck with Ciel forever... #Black Butler... Does my hating that moment make me an anti-fan? Cause i did but i love Ciel x Sebastian...

The only thing to visibly shake Sebastian is the thought of having to put up with Ciel for all of eternity! :) <<< oh poor Sebastian.

He's a black demon. The crow. Right? That's why its called black butler right?

I'm pretty sure it's called "Black Butler" because that is the color of Sebastian's heart.)<< it's called black butler because Ceil ordered it to, he didn't like cute butler like Elizabeth said it should be called