imágenes de Dios

by Verily Prime 10 days ago Satan's Days of Perdition And The Ongoing Lord Jesus' Forever Deliverance. I have been a butcher. I have been a savior. I have been that perfect flaw. That predictable enigma. I have usurped the.

Even Jesus needed strength from God to complete God's will in His life, we most definitely do too.

Jesus Prayer

Pray for us, dear Lord Jesus -Please pray for America's enemies . Jesus pray for North Korea that has war heads pointed at many nations.

Que o Mestre Jesus nos ilumine e nos abençoe em todos os nossos caminhos...Um domingo divino pra nós

" The Resurrected Christ " Walter Rane. This is Bethany's favorite painting of the Savior.

Jesus loves all the little children and they are precious in His sight

Jesus loves all the little children all the children of the world; Every color race and creed, Jesus loves them all indeed, Jesus loves the little children of the world.