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♡ 693 likesparkjiminie: mom insisted toby and i take a photo for the first day of school although i've had countless of first days before

Bangtan profiles from 2013 & 2017. #BTSFESTA2017 #BTS  Cr. Sugashu on tumblr  Collect by me.

Bts always were handsome still gonna be handsome. (Though the evolution did bring in some good change)

Homao da po***

When Park Jimin has more sass than you and could do a better hair flick than you could

lovesick | p.jm bts - |twenty-four| - Wattpad


lovesick | p.jm bts - |twenty-four| - Wattpad

Rap Monster SLAY

*looks for it everyehere*, after 2 hours wait, i just remembered its with this man right here.LOL I am sorry if this was too cringy.