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Fairy Tail - Episode 83

At this moment I died a lil inside I cried and is it me or does it look like happy and natsu are making that one face

gajevy, this is... different.

Did you see this?

My hEART RIGHT NOW! Only Fairy Tail's fandom gets this, right my home dawgs?

Donald Trump would deport this joke

The last panel there. Chapter 416 of Fairy Tail. It broke my heart Gruvia Gray & Juvia Anime Fairy Tail

One Piece×Fairy Tail.. They should really make a crossover.. That would be the most awesime one in anime history.

One Piece×Fairy Tail. They should really make a crossover. That would be the most awesime one in anime history.

Team Fairy Tail

Gajeel Redfox- the Iron Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail, the fourth dragon slayer in the guild

Comic pages commission for inksterlol @ tumblr. I was asked to illustrate chapter 11 of her fanfic Dragon's Light. Please do not repost this artwork. 

A short comic I did regarding to that chapter (which I loved so much) Might be going on a hiatus after this just to focus on my school work and an. Together we can win any war

Although I'm not all for the jealous type, I still gotta pin this.

Gajeel Redfox & Levy McGarden(GaLe) - Fairy Tail,Anime is it just me or is this the most ADORABLE couple on Fairy Tail-just me ok

Mavis Vermillion.

Mavis Vermillion - I love her so much. Probably my favorite of all Fairy Tail characters.