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When Neighbors Are Awesome…

When Neighbors Are Awesome…

According to modern day science, zero calorie food means that the amount of energy spent in digesting that food is more than the energy that food actually provides. I would not say that I blindly believe in this but the following foods have some great nutritional value with a very low calorie count. Hence, they are an excellent choice for a low calorie diet.

The carrots once were considered as a very powerful vegetable because of the benefits and health properties it has. The leaves from the carrots are also rich with nutrients and can reduce the waste.

8 Tips on How to Create The Perfect Personal Retreat

8 Tips on How to Create The Perfect Personal Retreat

The key to maximizing your energy stores is to fill your tank with positive fuel and minimize the things that suck your tank dry. Let’s explore six simple ways to feel more energized today.

return-of-thepharaoh: “ wreckamic: “ Chaka Khan = AMAZING Age is nothing to women of color ☆SilentlyPassionate☆@CBL♡!

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If you can do your workout in a suit, you're probably not doing it right :p

Ab-Crunching Machine A German named Gustav Zander is famous for being one of the first inventors of mechanical exercise equipment. His designs are downright wacky, but have a fun steampunk quality. You can view more of his inventions here.

Dan Burn-Forti - Making Pictures

Dan Burn-Forti - Making Pictures

Why I love Brazilians #travel #Brazil

Why I love Brazilians

Why I love Brazilians - wonderful read. I love the part saying Brazilian people are the coolest.

Beach Bums. Coastalliving.com

Classic Coast

Hidden in Florida's panhandle, Grayton Beach offers visitors a chance to experience a classic seaside village.


That water looks so coolant refreshing, and those boys are having lots of fun!