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Image result for changeable charlie game

Tv antenna....Maybe it will be brought back and Cut the Cable cord

Roof mounted TV antenna, popular in the Yelling up when you could finally see the TV picture. Got a newer model on our roof. Cable TV and satellite is expensive.

Changeable Charlie's Aunt Vintage Face Block Puzzle

I had one of these growing up- there was also a boy version- changeable Charlie!

This was an advertisement, 1940s.

21 Beauty Regrets That Happen To The Best Of Us

fringe trim scotch tape ad This must be the ad my mom saw when she cut my bangs. The tape slipped and my bangs were NOT even and way short.


Vintage CARROM INDUSTRIES # 95 Wood Carrom Board w Box & some accessories


Cap Gun

I'm pretty sure you can't buy anything even close to a realistic toy gun anymore. We played Cops and Robbers and Cowboys and Indians in the woods and didn't grow up to be bad people. Love the smell of those spent caps!

my life when i was a kid

50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget

35 things I will tell my kids about and then feel old. playing on the computer ment playing on paint bc that's all there was and mom was on the phone so the internet didnt work. Oh the good ol days