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I am going to find this print for my future granddaughter.

A cartoon image of a black girl who is proud to be herself with her natural hair. This image empowers and reassures black girls that their natural hair, skin, and features are something to be proud of.

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The pain after any excercise (gym, swimming etc) sometimes may be also a tough one for the mind to overcome. In general the quote is a brilliant advice for life!

Let them watch you make it big. Make 'em regret ever doubting you motivational, 4" x 4" sticker.

Make It Big (Sticker)

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When you have a disagreement with a loved one, I challenge you to say 'I love you more than this argument' ~ katherine miracle ~ Great advice ♡❤

Omg! This took forever for me to fin the mitsake ;)

Facebook Water Cooler

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Hahaha @sarabia2008 ⭐

Someone from Center Line posted a whisper, which reads "Lord.please give me patience, because if you give me strength,I may just beat a bitch to death.

Who said tips for good relationships weren't life hacks? Well now they are life hacks!

It's not giddy puppy love. You are the only man who makes me feel safe, secure and like a million bucks when I just sit aside of you or walk with you. You make me feel comfortable in my own skin .

Equally yoked!!

"The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together. My husband and I are so "Bad" at this that one of us will say something before the other can. Then we just laugh and smile goofily at each other.