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The White House strategist's place on the committee was controversial. (About time some GOOD news came out of Trump's WH!)
Ana Navarro Goes Off On CNN, Rips Spineless Republicans, And Calls Trump A Crazy Lunatic Man Baby
Trump got climate change almost entirely wrong in his Paris speech!! ~~ Well... that's because he's stupid!! And too proud & narcissistic to educate himself!! All the failures he has he richly deserves!!
Trump blasts 'so-called' federal judge's block of travel ban
Gorka left a panel on so-called fake news at Georgetown University on Monday after he was questioned about his a far-right group with Nazi ties.
YES! YES! YES! MUST READ!! Our "So Called" Gold Digging First Lady was Blindsided By 132,000 Angry Americans – This Is Incredible!!
Fox news's The Five co-host (and obvious self-hating, internalized misogynist) Kimberly Guilfoyle explains why women aren't meant to be on juries:   "They're like, healthy and hot and running around without a care in the world. They can go back on Tinder or Match.com."
Obama’s drug war legacy is underappreciated. But it now hangs in the balance — thanks to Trump.