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I FREACKING LAUGHED IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS<------ Everyone pray for our fallen brother or sister. They did many great thing in their life. Ahh who am I kidding they have a pinterest. They are most likely antisocial and have allowed fandoms to consume their soul. Just like someone else I know.... *sobs*

belly dancing is actually indescribably easy once i learned the basics. I wonder if i have wonder-hips

C'est de la merde

Hilarious lol and so true. But idk I still don't get the watching people play with kids toys and playing video games. I rather enjoy doing the gaming or sports myself over watching them.

Just act natural and nobody will notice you are missing something.

Just act natural. No one will notice. Just. NATURAL - Meme of a kid playing in a marching band without his instrument but acting like he still has it

... Do I- I- I don't even think I want to know

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... Do I- I- I don't even think I want to know

gud m << a broken man

Internet makes me SADist