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Teen wolf- Stiles what they took

Reasons as to why I love Dylan O'Brien's character so much in Teen Wolf. Stiles is by far the greatest character ever.

This picture is ironic and highly, painfully relatable to us...

I feel like a knife was just stabbed into my heart and no one bothered to take it out so now I'm dead and not in the good way either

Stiles and Lydia GIFset

Stiles thinks he deserves to die. Don't tell me I'm imagining things! If you haven't notice this just rewatch the all show and look how he was scared to die in season 2 and and then after the Nogitsune he just goes with it and now I'm crying!


Oh snap - when Stiles' leg got caught in the wolf trap, I got really scared at this part

Dylan O'Brien, sterek, laugh, tyler hoechlin, teenwolf

Inspiring image Dylan O'Brien, sterek, laugh, tyler hoechlin, teenwolf by Sharleen - Resolution - Find the image to your taste