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Pantone Colour (s) of the year 2016 - Rose Quartz & Serenity Hobes Leather, Flats, Shoes, Footwear, Suede

fibrearts:  (via stitching in the sun)

Modern embroidery and textile art, what i like: differing patterns and texture. If these were made with brighter happier fabrics or neutral full colors, it can be something great.

wet cobbles

Blue cobblestone in Rome walked and marched on for centuries, polishing the stones and chipping them away, giving them beautiful texture in the pattern.

By Don Taylor on Flickr

nature's artwork - peeling and rust colour, surface pattern and texture - beauty in decay intrigues me and gives the best color juxtaposition


I like natural forms like this, dunno if it's texture or pattern, but I like it. color is pleasant as well. I like textures/patterns that feel like art

wall texture types #Ceiling Texture Types (wall interior decor) #WallTexture

15 Fresh Drywall Ceiling Texture Types for your Interior

Idk what Id want to do with this but I think it would be a pretty accent somewhere Privilege - Colored porcelain wall tiles

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Guarantee you have access to the best luxury silver ideas to decorate your next interior design project -What do you need? Find it at

Snake Ranch | nickeykehoe:   Texture

Texture- I feel like this is a great example of texture because if you were to actually feel what is in the picture you would feel the rigidness and the bumps which would be considered texture MOVEMENT

Green paint

An Old Crackled Green Painted Wood Surface. I love the texture of this old wood - and the green color, too

Green marble in bathroom or kitchen

Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles GREEN MARBLE Precious Stones Collection By GranitiFiandre

mosaïque                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Quality image that will bring some style and color to your space limited edition Moroccan turquoise tile original