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Writers block?  School Letters can help inspire tactful letters home.

School Letters can help inspire tactful letters home.

Awesome website full of Core Knowledge lesson plans. Click on the link to download the draft versions to find the free lessons.

Baltimore Curriculum Project - Free Core Knowledge Lesson Plans Online (organized by grade level and subject) - used a few of these

The Equity Project Charter School in Washington Heights NYC is looking for master teachers.  125k/year starting salary! Info Session on Tuesday May 1st, click on the pin to go to the website and register!

TEP Charter - The Equity Project Charter School. Teacher Salaries of per year plus bonuses

Quick way to state a common expectation.  I need to memorize this one!

Hilarious teacher sayings! Every teacher or future teacher needs to read these! I couldn't stop laughing :)-Yes, I was the talker in school! For my teacher friends!

Le Chaim (on the right): 30+ Ways to Teach History WITHOUT a Textbook

Create a checklist of strategies! I like the "House" idea. Using primary documents, photographs, letters, and other forms of media can be a great way to engage students in history. 30 Ways to Teach History WITHOUT a Textbook.

All-in-One Teacher Binder (TRC reading levels color coded for grade and quarter {printable}

All-in-One Teacher Binder {printable}

Become an Organized Teacher with 3 Simple Binders: Teacher Binder, Student Binder, Substitute Binder (I really need to do the last one)

LDS Activity Day Ideas: Journaling and Goals!

YW CAMP IDEA: Getting to know the girls.Great "get to know you" game. Everyone scoops a small dixie cup full of m’s. One at a time picked out a single m, and shared a thought that correlated with the color of the candy and the chart