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Cupcakes made from burp cloths, onesies, socks, and wash cloths. A perfect gift for the many baby showers I have coming up!

Burp Cloth and Baby Sock Cupcake Tutorial

burp cloth (fringed burp cloth that you make, posted the tutorial on that) and baby sock cupcake!

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Cupcake Onesies Gift Idea - I made these for a good friend and they are super easy and cute! I skipped the cupcake wrappers and folded the sock on the outside of the onesies to act as the wrapper.

Easy to make babycake cupcakes!  Easy, fun, cute.

DIY Baby Shower Series: Baby Bodysuit Cupcakes

Cupcake Bouquet - Baby Girl Pink  Baby’s 1st Cupcake couldn’t get much sweet than this. This stunning Baby Clothes Bouquet is filled with a complete set of essential items for the new arrival to take them from bath time to bed time, styled as a large cupcake.    Cupcake ingredients:  2 pairs of baby socks 2 bodysuits 1 sleepsuit 1 bib  1 muslin square  1 baby washcloth 1 hooded baby towel  Beautifully finished with paper

A sweet Cupcake Bouquet full of baby clothes! The gorgeous gift set contains an array of cotton essentials to take baby from bathtime to bedtime.

The Scrap Shoppe: Diaper & Washcloth Cupcake Tutorials

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Erica Sweet Tooth website shares how to make these amazingly festive Christmas Tree Strawberry Brownie Cupcake Recipe. This recipe is a delightful contrast

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