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“Beanie Daddy” The other half of the Arrow/Flash Dynamic Dad Duo!

Not so fast kid by Lord Mesa

Lordmesa Art — “Not So Fast Kid” Loved their conversation last.

"Sharkna-don't" #TheFlash 2x15 #LordMesa

lordmesa-art: “Sharkna-don’t” 🌪🐟⚡️🌪🐟⚡️ I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I’m calling it!😜😜😜 Kind of sad it this didn’t end up happening in the actual episode but no matter what this joke is the best.

This is why I love The Flash!!

This is why I love The Flash! This was so funny! And she played it sooo accurately so he thought she was turning

I bet Barry was like "not sorry you look like my dead mentor who i hate and want to kill but i can't cause he's dead so i'll settle for you but i can't kill you because of my friends. See my problem?"

And Barry suddenly gets over the first part of his post-injury mental block!

Star Labs The Flash Men's Tee - Deep Dive Threads  - 2

Star Labs The Flash Men's Tee

Barry Allen is the fastest man alive and without Star Labs help he wouldn't be the hero he is today. Celebrate the joining of the speed force with this soft te