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I'd be more worried about Friday the if my life wasn't already a never-ending string of inexplicable events.

LOL!!! Emma, you getting this?

Bizarrely Specific Flattery

Daily Odd Compliment: Being with you is like listening to my favorite song. Except when I like a song I tend to play it too much and then I get sick of it, and I always do that and I don't know why. Whereas I simply never get sick of you

Haha @Mary Thompson it's kinda like what you said today

Daily Odd Compliment :) This goes out to my best friend cause you wouldn't believe how true this is.

Funny New Year's Ecard: Let's never speak of 2012 again.

Never Trust a Skinny Cook

For the kitchen. Sugarboo Designs Never Trust a Skinny Cook Antiqued Sign, available at

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Riding a turtle. Because Me + You + Turtle Rides = Fantastic Good Times!

and I think the hole is getting bigger

Rottenecards - You haven't lost all your marbles. But there's definitely a hole in the friggin' bag.


Logical proof that female = Iron Man! Iron Man is a female?

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Heels - Women: Wearing heels is not sexy if you walk like a newborn calf.

'Women: Wearing heels is not sexy if you walk like a newborn calf. I saw a woman the other day out shopping in high heels walking like a newborn calf.how silly!