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Do not insult any of her: ships, OTPs, celebrity crushes, shows, fantoms, or call her crazy... unless of course she is a part of the Sherlock fandom, they've all sort of given up on that last one

All of us fangirls should just wear this all day and watch people react<I agree we should like have to wear these. People need to be warned.

If I could watch more than 11 episodes in a row at my house then that'd be me. Although 11 one hour episodes is a lot I guess.

Stay up all night long every night even in school nights and get hors of sleep = FANGIRL

Who in the hell fangirls over Hitler? Either she's hasn't been educated (then my apologizes for you lack in intelligence on this subject) or she needs therapy

APH Hetalia: A Hitler Fangirl? by StarfallVulpixGirl <<< Seriously? How can someone fangirl over Hitler?

I wrote a whole essay on why Sleeping With Sirens was my inspiration. I'm writing about Pierce The Veil next.

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Four x Tris (Divergent) Percy x Annabeth (Percy Jackson) Day x June (Legend) Almost any HP duo And many more...

Ugh, couples…

I hate real couples. If couples are on a tv show or a book, I will totally ship them! Nerd girl problems>>> This is so true!

This is so me. Every single percabeth moment. That is my face. And my hands flap around a little bit too

Every single percabeth moment. That is my face. And my hands flap around a little bit too<<I have a headcannon that Mr D ships Percabeth. All during the books, he's right up there with Zeus and Aphrodite cheering when Percabeth kisses.

Disney & the Doctor  @Sarah Chintomby Reimler I just wan you to know that I have the mermaid, belle, and the jack one as tshirts! Lol

TARDIS makes every movie better…

"Oh my doctor who & disney princess'!" Yup cause Jack Skellington is a Disney princess and I'm fairly certain little red isn't a Disney princess either.<<< NMBC Jack is a princess. The doctor is a princess. Everyone is a princess.

I love this show don't care how childish it is

Did you see this?

Yup i shipped this before i knew what shipping was Fairly Odd Parents^^^This is one of the few canon shippings that I will go down with if they just so happen to sink but you know they never will

The last one. I swear, Homestuck is my favorite fandom but its gonna kill me one day. ===> Too true. I just... cant anymore

Being a fangirl/guy is dangerous- homestuck wins<- how about no, supernatural always wins

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Watching John's face go from near panic and relief. By the fourth pic there's not a shred of worry left in John's face.

BAHAHAHAH THIS IS MY LIIIIIFE!!!!!! Im proud to say it only took me a couple seconds but i'm not proud to admit how sad i was when i wouldnt get to find out what shows they were considering to talk about.....

If the world was a classroom

This pin is so accurate it scares me. I thought they meant tv show too. not like earth season.