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12 Trippy Scenes From The Master Of GIFs

Incredible World of Animated Gifs by Matthew DiVito. Matthew DiVito is a motion and graphic designer based in Boston, MA from USA. With a combination of After Effects and Cinema Matthew creates some really stunning retro and modern GIFS.

Mesmerizing Animated GIFs by David Szakaly

Mesmerizing Animated GIFs

WARNING: don't watch if you're epileptic or on some hardcore drugs - Album on…

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20+ Animated Gif Images for Pinterest Pinners [Working]

Geometric Patterns Animated GIF Erik Söderberg est un artiste graphiste suédois qui se définit comme un cross-media artiste qui aime travailler avec le son, les images et le design. Voici donc la deuxième partie de sa série de design geometrique intitulée « Fractal Experience », avec cette fois, des GIFs animés. A découvrir.

Geometric Patterns Animated GIF

Here are some mind-boggling GIFs from Erik Söderberg to transfix you

Skeleton Selfies Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Moving picture skeleton taking a picture animated gif skeleton romantic couple taking selfie, cellphones smartphones everyone has one,