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This is so true. I'm not ok. I'm crying for real... a whole river...

It seems just a couple days ago he left and I still cry and I just cant cope with this.

I know wat he is doing is wrong....bt damn he looks fine as fuck doing it.! How is it even possible to be so sexy 24/7 ! ( PS. niall girl though ) xp

I know wat he is doing is wrong.bt damn he looks fine as fuck doing it. How is it even possible to be so sexy ! niall girl though ) xp #

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Harry Styles

So first he does the thing where he sang into his hand now he spit out water win stead of a kiss. I'm scared for this child sometimes.>>> I totally have those moments

Lmao, Harry and Liam aka basic white chics hahaha

Lol or when somebody is taking a selfie and your face kinda just .

That was hilarious ... he was testing her .

This lady? *scoffs* This lady? That lady is Caroline ugh people get it straight!

It's the look on their faces, the way it seems that they are puting all their love into that hug, the way they are holding each other so tightly like they weren't allowed to do that but they just don't care. And the sad thing is they actually can't

we're not gonna talk about the fact that before this hug they literally both shrugged as if saying fuck it?

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