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Ex Machina, Una historia de ciencia ficción con un poderoso mensaje más allá de los impecables efectos especiales que le merecieron el Oscar.

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Irobot How would you describe this? Irobot ‘Ex Machina’ Features a New Robot for the Screen Women's Fashion Hot Gym Sports Casual Yoga Clothes Cozy 6 Color 6

Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

The superbike: guts by Lotus, skin by Holzer, body by Tron. Lotus' new lightweight motorcycle represents a collaboration of people who know what the hell they're doing. The British auto company's limited edition bike will surge along a mere 100 lu

Tuvie | http://www.tuvie.com

Air-Elf, Future Air-CarAir-Elf aircraft is not the first concept of the future personal air-car. However, thanks to the “Air Caterpillar” wing by Yinze Hu, it’s probably one of the first realistic ones.

A Soupçon of the Wright Life: Pinewood Derby

For an Elder's Quorum activity they held a Pinewood Derby contest.

Rally King Concept Car by Tony Chen

Rally King Concept Car by Tony Chen e stana questa macchina che marca e

♂ Nissan V2G concept car 2030 #cars #concept #Nissan #futuristic

the nissan is a concept car design that is part of the youthmobile 2030 design challenge being exhibited at the 2009 LA auto show

Future Transportation - Green Car: Streamlife, an urban hydrogen powered car