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Chris Hemsworth/Blackhat

Chris Hemsworth/Blackhat

Always pin always

Supernatural Funny - That awkward moment when the demon that killed your family is nicer than your own father. <---- didn't Kevin encounter a similar situation with demon Dean and Sam being too nice to him?


White eyes represent the demon cheifs of staff; The yellow eyes represent the demon army generals; The red eyes represent the demon deal-makers; The black eyes represent the demon soldiers, thugs, henchmen, and minions.


3 times Dean Winchester was wrong . LOL ^_^ Winchester ---> more like 3 times Dean contradicted himself :)

supernatural dean y castiel - Buscar con Google

This might just be one of my favorite scenes. I laughed for like 5 minutes and still laugh when I think about it :)


Supernatural - It was really funny, but also very sad, because they pretended they were crazy by telling the truth about their lives. 😂 he wears a trench coat

Castiel // supernatural

- Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel - Cas is seriously hands down my favorite he's adorable

I just love how Jensen and Jim say normal dinosaur names and then Misha is like, "I want to be the plastic toy dinosaur in Toy Story!" JUST LOVE MISHA COLLINS!>>>meanwhile Misha.


Jensen talking about being compared to Rapunzel in Tangled. Poor Jensen < don't even watch the show but these guys are hilarious!


Funny pictures about Supernatural logic. Oh, and cool pics about Supernatural logic. Also, Supernatural logic.

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Sherlock - Pilot Episode

Sherlock - Pilot Episode

I hated the PJ movies with every ounce of my being but this made me laugh out loud

I'm so glad I came across this! I just watched Percy Jackson yesterday and was like. Also, for those who didn't catch it, Death (spn) is the Ferryman in Percy Jackson =D<-----wow now I want this crossover.

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Maybe Sherlock accidentally stumbled upon that video while he was looking up how to fold napkins.


One day you're a soap opera star and next your two best friends are an energetic puppy and a crazy person who commissions skittle portraits of your face.