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Graphic illustrates how much backyard square footage would be needed to feed a family of 4 a well-rounded diet of meat, dairy, eggs, wheat, fruits and veggies for a year. Not surprisingly, it's a lot.

How big a backyard would you need to live off the land?

How big of a backyard do you need to live off the land? Live off the grid infographic.

Updates on what to expect if you're traveling to Walt Disney World this summer (or beyond).

2018 Disney World Vacation Planning Guide

Planning your 2017 Walt Disney World trip can be intimidating for first-time visitors. This guide provides free tips & tricks to save money and

This is one of my favorite movies to watch when I feel sick.  P.s. Did you have the promotional hand puppets from Pizza Hut?  I did.

The Land Before Time: Starring Pat Hingle, Gabriel Damon, Judith Barsi and Helen Shaver

Map of the route Moses and the Israelites took during the Exodus from Egypt

Map of the Route of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt (Bible History Online)

The Famous Wall-Mounted Wire Basket

The Famous Wall-Mounted Wire Basket

Kids Storage: Wire Wall Storage Bins - for the garage/mud room; to hold hats, gloves, etc.or the guest room.guest toiletries, kids bedtime books and light reading

Love the "Dress-up Corner" of this Shared Big Girl Room for Sisters!

The Land of Make Believe

15 of the "strangest" things found in NC. 1 is in the town I live in & there's another one just 15 minutes away - I must live in a really "strange" place ♡

These 15 Strange But Awesome Things Can Only Be Found In North Carolina

the-smore-the-merrier-campfire-set-  I could totally sew this if only I didn't have to work...ever.

This Land Of Nod Camper Play Tent Is Giving Me Parenting Angst

Shop The S'more the Merrier Campfire Set. There's nothing quite like huddling around a roaring plush campfire when you're roughing it in the rugged living room terrain.

The #Range Rover Evolution  (images source Carscoop)

The Land Rover Range Rover Evolution (images

The Land Rover Range Rover Evolution (images. - The Land Rover Range Rover Evolution (images source Carscoop)

My youngest daughter was just about to transition out of her crib and into her big girl bed like her older sister. They were both growing up so fast I wanted to give them a bedroom makeover that encompassed everything they loved to do at this stage in their life. Playing dress up, having tea parties and of course being a fairy princess. I sat down with my older daughter who is 4 and we put together the most awesome To do list of anything our little minds could come up with. Riding unicorns…

The Land of Make Believe

Living off the land can seem like an impossibility in today's convenience centered, work outside the home culture. But, it isn't! Here are 18 ways to help you live off the land.

Homesteading on an acre (or less) is possible. Come see our tips on self-sufficiency, chicken keeping, livestock care, and more from our acre homestead.