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Flud Boombox Watch, swagg on point!

It doesn't exist yet.  Sadness.

Defibrillator Toaster

The Defibrillator Toaster puns: "WERE LOSING THEM!" -"Nurse we need 12 CC's of cream cheese, stat!" -Time of deliciousness: A.M -If we dont restart his heart , hes toast! -"Daddys in a butter place now, kids.

iPhone Retro Cassette Cover Includes A Clear Plastic Case That Doubles As A Stand

I phone case.I have this case and people are always asking me why I am carrying a cassette tape around

i love you because ____: Leave line blank, frame, write with dry-erase so can change anytime... Fun for a message every morning before work.

I love this idea! i love you because ____: Leave line blank, frame, write with dry-erase so can change anytime.Fun for a message every morning. I love this!

So true.

'Can't you see I'm running late for big important things get the fuck out of my way' funny comics by Anne Emond

Bird with cats head sitting on a branch.

Bird with cat's head sitting on a branch.

Ona & Vonehana Give-Away  Win a ROma from Ona Camera Bag (a camera insert that transrorms your favorite non-camera bag into a procetive space for your gear) and a Seafoam Chalcedony Stack Ring by Voneshna  Check it out at www.colorissue.blogspot.com

A TWO IN ONE GIVEAWAY? --"well sign me up Sally!" April is one of my favorite months, so to kick it off I thought I'd do someth.

Mark Twain once wrote, "The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's." Will voters take into account the way Mitt Romney treated his dog Seamus, and the way President Obama treats Bo? Dave Granlund and Mike Luckovich sink their canines in.

Double Take 'Toons: Soft Spots

"Don't give up! You're too talented. You're too good!"

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