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Ow ow ow, okay, ow, my heart.

undertale, sans, frisk Not usually a big fan of Sand being a dad thing-- but this was just too cute.>> I can't choose if I like sans more as frisks father figure or as dating

What if Frisk actually needs glasses? Like the purple soul? And that's why her eyes are squinty?

Undertale, frisk, okay I can't scroll past this anymore I'm pinning it. <---- I'm posting for same reason lol

"Are your memories still all there? The smell of the surface air. The wind blowing through your hair.. You promised we both be heirs."

Undertale Genocide Route Frisk(Chara) and Flowey(Asriel) Credits to the artist

When the Undertale fandom meets the Gravity Falls fandom.

When the Undertale fandom meets the Gravity Falls fandom. I like this immensely

¡Pelea conmigo!~~~~~~~~~~~~~¡PELEA CONMIGO!~~~~~~~~~~~~~¡¡PELEA CONMIGO!!

Traducción De Cómics De Undertale - FIGHT ME!

Undyne doesn't fight Papyrus because she is afraid of what Sans will do to her if she hurts him

Comic by burdnurd Tumblr- Undertale Sans and his puns. The moment just came XD

I wanna go with them, then they can sit through more of my punny puns

gaster, sans, papyrus, haventale, rebornica>>REBORNICA??? SHE'S BACK? WITH UNDERTALE??? OMG YESSSSSSS

The blasters love sans the most. It's not fair sans, I want an army of gaster blaster puppies too!