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I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout. Sold cookies every year.  All we had were mints and shortbread cookies.//

Brownie Guide Handbook - Late early Many good memories of being in the brownies. I was a Sprite!

Advertising Milk Bottles - Kellogg's - Bring It On Home

Only recall adverts on milk bottles in the eighties. Don't remember the older, taller milk bottle having anything on them other than the embossed name of the dairy. Found it very odd to have brightly coloured adverts on the bottles

"The Addams Family" was filmed in the 1960s, and reruns were popular throughout the 1970s. Deenie Fenner, Janet, and Midge might have watched this TV show together.

Famous Child Actors of '50s, '60s, '70s Where Are They Now?

Munster Go Home, the movie. Marilyn was cropped off this photo? The Munsters, tv show.reruns in the .my favorite after school show

Dreaded seeing the crates outside the classroom door urrrgghhh....still makes me shudder...hated school milk but was made to drink it...good times!

School milk - it came in bottles, then bags, then cartons, then Thatcher the milk snatcher took it away altogether! Frozen in Winter, turned in the summer. I was a milk monitor

P is for Party. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

Playing Oranges and Lemons - The Party - LadyBird Books 1960 taught this at primary school back in 1957

Pugh, Pugh, Barney, McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub... and Captain Flack. Trumpton's brilliant firemen.

Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub! The Trumpton Fire Brigade.

vintage amusements, plastic lambs. I remember these stretched across the front of the pram

vintage amusements, plastic lambs. I remember these stretched across the front of the pram

HAHAHA i remember having one of these - you always ended up with lint or ink in the bottom, especially the taller ones.

as soon as I read about upcycling with toilet paper rolls, I know where the ideas came from ;