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Harvest Moon ...I took a class in college with this boy that worked on a farm and he had to leave our evening class (6-9 pm) when the harvest moon was full because they actually harvest the crops that evening.

Harvest Moon (makes me wish I could've gotten a picture of the moon last night-- it was the closest it will be to Earth all year-- but it was too cloudy).

A fan compiled the original "Beauty and the Beast" characters recreating the live action cast selfie and it's glorious

A fan animated the original "Beauty and the Beast" characters recreating the live action cast selfie and it's glorious. EEEEEEE I CANT WAIT!

You have the Kingdom of God within you. If you can think about the Kingdom of God in you, it means you can find your own destiny of final goal. by Master Ryuho Okawa

N0101 Backdrop/Background fit for 16" Tonner Tyler Matt Ellowyne Kish Doll

the perfect bath! I sure could use this right now.

this bathroom is a great place to relax because it has a great view. i would use the view and the hot tub.

*Frankie isn't my monkey. He lives in Oklahoma and is doing awesome, he has a wonderful family! www.youtube.com/ForeverPrimatePets Check out our other videos to see our Spider Monkey Brodi! and his good friend Emma the 10 yr old spider monkey! More furry primate videos to come soon!! =D

Capuchin Monkey Frankie Takes a Bath - adorable. I'm unsure about the Pussycat Dolls theme music at the end though.

Just look at those eyes!

A real barbie: Era Brown - 2 years she really does look like a barbie doll. good thing carson is a boy or we would be signing up for toddlers and tiaras

Follow the link, dolls, and see for yourself. They make your lips feel supple, look glossy, and never feel sticky. Perfect trifecta! And, if that weren't enough, you can use this balm on chapped skin or, if you are me and into full, beautiful brows, use it to keep your brows looking sleek and in place.

Rosebud StackLavish Layers (Salve, Mint & Strawberry in Tin each) by Rosebud. The original rose salve is the only lip balm I'll use, I put it on my cuticles, my eyelashes, and rough or itchy skin.

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