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May the fourth be with you.

Star Wars protagonists and their personal archenemies



darth vader card

Star Wars Christmas Cards - "Darth Christmas, Come over to the Merry Side" - Set of x cards with envelopes by RaygunsandRobots on Etsy

I so need this to add to my coffee mug collection!! I already have a Darth Vader cup.

"Help Me Coffee, You're My Only Hope." I want this coffee mug!

Star Wars knives

A Knife Holder Shaped Like an X-Wing. This Knife Holder from The Fowndry will “give your regular old kitchenware a rebellious kick in the vegetables.” The chrome-effect plastic knife holder comes loaded with five stainless steel knives.

@fromupnorth http://instagram.com/p/pgljkWmkrW

Ive seen a guy who did math stuff at my libary who had the excatctly thing well tattoo on his leg he was a giant star wars nerd like me

Sale at the Maul

This is to funny. I'm still laughing :) ~~ Funny Star Wars Pictures – 47 Pics. My favs were the Han Choir and the Darth Maul one. Everything HALF OFF. hahahahahahahahaha I'm cracking up!

On a t shirt.

PAC-MAN vs Star Wars, pop art, illustration,a shirt I would totally wear.


sempaiko: “ Early Happy Valentine’s Day message from your “friendly” reprogrammed Imperial droid!

True that, true that

when darth vader can't breathe at night he uses these. Enhance уоur sleep tonight with a snore reduction pillow, whiсh elevates, aligns аnd opens thе throat airway fоr healthier breathing аnd quieter evenings f

Star Wars

Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. - I hadn't really realized how true this was until recently. Another important thing to learn from Star Wars. So true