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My most favorite fruit! I put strawberries on everything! lol I eat tons of them lol

körbeweise erdbeeren zum naschen zwischendurch

Strawberries are delicious and good for you! Try mixing a few in a banana smoothie! Changes it entirely and gets more fruit into your daily diet.

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Red - Strawberries my favorite fruit.Want to know my secret to whiter teeth. Crush some fresh strawberries onto your teeth and leave on for 30 sec.

This photo shows emphasis because the background is gray and the only colored thing is the strawberry in the middle and it puts extra emphasis on it and makes it stand out.

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Wintering Over a Strawberry Pot. Because strawberries grow readily in containers, many gardeners opt to plant the tasty fruits in strawberry pots for a convenient harvest. Strawberries planted in a strawberry pot will grow and thrive.

Strawberry Basics & Recipes @Martha Stewart

Our Most Spectacular Strawberry Recipes

Power foods do more than satisfy the stomach. While the flavors and textures are enjoyable, these foods boast the added benefits of fighting cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis -- and they keep you in optimum health for decades to come.